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Julie grew up in Des Moines, Iowa and received her BA in Journalism from the University of Iowa. She pursued a few jobs related to the field of Journalism, then her work took her on different paths unrelated to writing.  After raising three boys and pursuing a diversity of jobs, she returned to her original passion of writing.  She is currently a freelance writer, blogger and photographer: contributing regularly to several local publications.  She also contributes regularly to two blogs she established.  Her first blog (julieetta1982.blogspot.com) covers a diversity of topics including feminism today, health and wellness issues for women and the hobbies of scrapbooking/journaling. This particular blog (travelingamericablog.wordpress.com) is devoted to travel features and tips for traveling in America. Julie currently lives in Wisconsin with her husband and luckily they both have a love of travel.  You may reach Julie at: http://julieetta05@gmail.com

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